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Alphabet City: Minneapolis

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Growing up in California was the best—weekend trips to Manresa State Beach, learning to snowboard in Tahoe, shopping in San Francisco during the holidays, and road trips to Disneyland... The weather is unbeatable and there is no shortage of entertainment and activities. I always told myself I could never imagine living anywhere else. Well, that all changed when I went to Minneapolis. The city swept us off our feet and we bought our first home in the Warehouse District in October. Here's my Minneapolis insight from A-Z.

Activity: Twins Game I'm obviously bias here because my other half plays in the Twin's organization. The stadium has killer views of downtown, the food is delicious (Hot Indian is my go-to), and nothing beats a baseball game on a warm summer day. Breakfast: Rise Bagel My order? Large coffee, OJ, and lox sando on an everything bagel. They've got gluten free and vegan options too!

Coffee: Spyhouse and Five Watt

Spyhouse will make you feel fancy and Five Watt will make you feel hip. Both will get you caffeinated.

Dinner: Bar La Grassa

You really can't go wrong with anything on this menu. I recommend sitting at the kitchen bar so you can watch the magic happening.

Entertainment: Theatre District

There is no shortage of comedy shows, concerts, or special events in the Theatre District.

Food: Cheese Curds

Yup, I love squeaky cheese.

Getaway: Wayzata

Only 30 minutes outside of downtown, Wayzata is the perfect quick trip. Stroll along Lake Minnetonka and dine at Bellecour.

Hotel: The Hewing

Chic decor and a hot spot for a drink on the rooftop bar.

Interesting: Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Funky building, cool art. Enough said.

Joy: Milkweed Books Independent bookstore and publisher with such a unique selection of books. I discovered and fell in love with The School of Life books here.

Kid-friendly: Walker Art Museum Sculpture Garden

Wander through the art museum, grab a kombucha from the attached restaurant, Esker Grove, and then marvel at the giant Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture.

Lunch: Bachelor Farmer Cafe A small, but delicious menu of sandwiches, salads, and soups. Don't miss there selection of magazines.

Meetup: Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Nightlife: Marvel Bar

Speakeasy downstairs from Bachelor Farmer. Go on a weeknight or show up early to snag one of the coveted booth tables.

Outdoors: Lake Bde Maka Ska

Party Time: Up Down A game of ski ball and Super Mario Bros with a slice of pizza is my kind of wild night out.

Quick Stop: Falls

Restaurant: Demi

Sweat: Fly Feet

Trendy: Parc

This well-lit space is enveloped with the scent of Boy Smells candles and has a carefully curated selection of the season's best clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Underwhelming: Juicy Lucys

My take on the famous Juicy Lucy (a burger with cheese inside): It's just not that good. Obama gave one a try at Matt's Bar, so if you want to check it out, go for it!

View: St. Anthony Falls



YAAAAAS: Kado No Mise Belly up to the bar and order sushi until your pockets run dry.


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